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As a marketing professional with over eight years of experience, Kayla St. Germain is responsible for growth marketing and sales enablement initiatives at Business News Daily. Kayla specializes in creating and executing effective go-to-market strategies to increase revenue and create brand equity. She has also taught high school students about social media and led an online neighborhood association group.

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Business News Daily’s copy editor is Stephanie Presley, who has edited thousands of pieces of B2B content. With a background in media, marketing, and analytics, Presley brings a broad perspective to her work. Prior to joining BND, she worked in editorial roles for the consumer technology digital publication Top Ten Reviews and as a freelance editor for Glass Spider Publishing. She has a degree in English, with an emphasis in creative writing. As a student, Presley served as copy chief and managing editor for the campus newspaper.

Book of Lists

The Book of Lists provides local business news, information, and research to area leaders. Available in over 50 editions nationwide, the Book of Lists can be a handy reference guide for both new and growing businesses. With the help of this resource, companies can find out what’s going on in their local area, and they can contact the key decision-makers who will help their companies grow.


The COP21 conference in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, is about to get underway, and world leaders will be looking to increase financial support for developing countries. While the wealthy countries have historically been the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, they have also promised to give poor nations $100 billion each year by 2020, but so far have fallen short.

COP27 and FTX rescue on the verge of collapse

The collapse of the COP27 and FTX talks is a major concern for the crypto industry. The companies are involved with several institutions, and their failure will likely increase the pressure on the crypto market. In addition, the collapse of the talks could affect a number of other companies.

Climate change

Climate change is becoming a major issue for the business world. Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of minimizing their carbon footprint and are making a conscious effort to do so. However, corporations must make sure that they are following the laws and regulations of other countries. While the United States withdrew from the Paris Agreement in 2017, more than 200 other nations are now party to the agreement.


Several cities in China are experiencing a spike in business inquiries for Chinese citizens interested in emigration. Many middle-class and upper-class Chinese citizens are considering emigrating. While the country has vowed to maintain its zero-Covid policy, there have been a number of reports of people who are illegally crossing the border. Immigration agents have seen an increase in inquiries over the past month, and many groups have formed on encrypted messaging apps like WeChat.

Financial glossary

A financial glossary for business news covers terms that are commonly used in the business world. A securities trader, for example, is a person who purchases and sells stocks or bonds. The debt-to-equity ratio measures how much a business owes relative to its shareholders’ equity. It is calculated by dividing the monthly debt payments made by the firm’s gross income before taxes.