New Law and Its Impact on Law Firms

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In a field of law where change is constant it is vital to keep up with the latest trends. One of those trends is known as new law and it can provide a new source of income for many firms that are looking to expand their business. The concept of new law can be hard to define but it generally refers to a different form of legal practice that is looking to benefit clients in a way that is not always seen as a traditional part of the legal field.

A new way to practice law is something that will need to be carefully thought out as it may impact the rest of a firm’s operations. For example, a new law practice could require a shift in focus that will impact billing practices and the use of full time staff. It would also mean that the new practice could require its own management team and staff that is separate from the general operation of a firm.

The people have a right to know how their government makes decisions. It is basic to our society that they should be able to review the documents and statistics leading up to those determinations. The legislature declares that government is the public’s business and that records of governmental decision-making should not be hidden under a cloak of confidentiality or secrecy.

This bill provides that an agency that has made a record available for inspection may publish the description of that record, the purpose for which it was created or obtained and, if appropriate, a statement that certain information or portions thereof are exempt from disclosure. The agency shall provide a means for individuals to request the information or portions of it and shall provide for the deletion of identifying details when making such requests to prevent unwarranted invasions of privacy.

The concept of new law is something that all lawyers should be aware of and work to incorporate into their practices. It is a great way to find ways to help more clients without affecting the overall profitability of a firm or having it rely on that type of practice as its primary source of revenue. A well thought out plan making use of this concept could make the difference in a firm’s ability to grow and thrive in today’s difficult legal landscape.