New York Law – Staying Informed

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New law is a growing part of the legal field. This practice area helps firms discover more revenue and ways to provide client service. It also allows them to work with clients that may not be able to work with standard firms. Understanding how this concept works is vital for lawyers looking to succeed in the future.

The law of New York consists of constitutional, statutory and regulatory laws, the Charter of the City of New York, and local laws and ordinances. It is a complex legal system that requires the attention of skilled counsel to manage effectively.

While common law provides the foundation for many legal practices, new laws are still necessary to address issues that arise over time. This is especially true in the case of emerging technologies and social movements. New laws may be required to address the impact of these changes on individuals and businesses.

As such, attorneys should stay informed of changes to existing laws. Fortunately, there are many resources to help with this task. For example, the Law Department has contracted with American Legal Publishing Corporation to create a website that provides access to the laws of the City of New York. The site allows users to browse and search the New York City Charter, New York City Administrative Code and the Rules of the City of New York.

In addition, the law department website includes the latest laws that have been signed by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, as well as those pending for her approval. New legislation covers a wide variety of topics, including raising the minimum wage in the state to $16 per hour and expanding the rights of workers. In addition, the new laws cover topics relating to safety, education and more.

One of the most controversial new laws is known as “upskirting.” It criminalizes the practice of sticking a camera in between someone’s legs to take pictures or videos without their consent. Despite the controversy, this is an important law that protects people’s privacy and civil liberties.

Another bill that took effect in the new year is called “Matthew’s Law.” It helps to decrease the risk of drug overdoses by allowing community pharmacies and health care providers to provide fentanyl-testing kits.

Other new laws that took effect in the new year include the SHIELD Act, which increases privacy and data protection by requiring City agencies to promptly disclose security breaches of personal information of affected persons, and by aligning certain definitions with State law. In addition, the new law establishes requirements for police departments to disclose to affected persons when they have a reasonable belief that their private identifying information was accessed, disclosed or used by an unauthorized person.

While law new is not yet a large part of the legal industry, it is expected to grow rapidly. As such, it is important that lawyers stay informed of these changes to better serve their clients. By staying up to date on the law, lawyers can ensure they are offering the highest quality of legal services possible.