The Daily News

daily news

A newspaper with a main purpose of reporting current events locally, nationally or internationally. Can be published daily, semiweekly or weekly and may include opinions and editorials. Can include photographs, cartoons and classified ads. Usually written for the general public, with no need for prior subject knowledge.

Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson, the New York Daily News was the first U.S. newspaper printed in tabloid format. At its peak in 1947, the newspaper reached 2.4 million copies per day and was the second highest circulated daily paper in the world.

By the 21st century, the Daily News was still one of the most read newspapers in the United States, although its circulation was much lower than that of the Post and other rival tabloids. The Daily News still drew large crowds with its sensational coverage of crime, scandal, and violence and its lurid photographs, and a wide variety of entertainment articles, including celebrity gossip and comics.

The New York Daily News was sold to Tronc, Inc., in 2017 and is no longer owned by Mortimer B. Zuckerman, who formerly served as publisher and chairman of the Daily News. Its editor-in-chief, Steve Dunham, was replaced by John Mead Howells on September 29, 2017.

Located in New York City’s Times Square district, the Daily News building was designed by architect Raymond Hood and built in 1929. The building was a landmark for many years and became famous for its giant globes and weather instruments that are displayed in the lobby. WPIX-TV, a local television station, is housed in the building.

In addition to its newspaper, the Daily News publishes books and operates a network of websites. It also maintains a newspaper distribution service called “The Daily News On-Demand” for customers who prefer to receive their paper electronically instead of through traditional mail. The company also owns several radio stations in the greater New York City area.

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The Daily News is a daily American tabloid newspaper founded in 1919. The paper is based in Jersey City, New Jersey, and covers local news and national and international politics, business, sports, and other topics of interest to the residents of the state of New York and the surrounding metropolitan area.

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