The Law Dictionary Explains Law New

The Law Dictionary Explains Law New

A law new refers to any rule that has been proposed, debated and officially passed by a legislative body such as Congress. The official new rule is then referred to as a statute. The term “law” broadly refers to any official rules or regulations that govern the behavior of individuals within a society or country.

New laws and rules are constantly being enacted by legislative bodies and the courts, and by various government agencies such as the FDA and the Department of Labor. Some of these new rules are created for the public to follow, while others are private and only meant for specific groups or industries. The rules that are available to the public to follow include both federal and state laws, as well as local city ordinances and regulations.

For example, the City of New York has a set of rules regulating third-party food delivery services that is available to the general public to read. This set of rules is contained in a subchapter of Chapter 5 of Title 20 of the Administrative Code. The new rules, which will take effect on February 1, 2023, will be used to license third-party food delivery services that operate in the City of New York. The new rules will also reduce penalties, allow opportunities to cure for certain violations, and eliminate requirements for commercial establishments.

Another source for legal news includes the government’s daily publication of the Statutes at Large. The publication provides a complete collection of all the laws (public and private) enacted by the United States Congress during each session. The publications can be accessed through the Library of Congress website.

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