Traveling and Hotels – The Pros and Cons of Booking Hotels in Advance

Traveling and hotels

You’ve probably heard about resort fees and extra charges for hotels. While resort fees may not seem excessive, they vary greatly between hotels. Most hotels list their resort fees on their website, but they’re not always clear. Some hotels charge additional fees for activities like swimming and spa treatments. To avoid surprises, check the hotel’s website before booking. Then, compare the prices of similar hotels. If you find a place you like, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into and avoid being surprised.


If you’re a backpacker, the best way to keep your belongings safe is to use the lockers provided by your hostel. Some have combination locks, while others are physical. While this might be an inconvenience, it can make your belongings much less likely to be stolen. Moreover, hostels often have a money belt you can wear discreetly under your shirt. Here are some tips for keeping your belongings safe while traveling:

Booking in advance

It’s wise to book your hotel room well in advance. Last-minute deals tend to be second-rate and offer limited choices. Most experienced travelers know the advantages of booking hotels in advance: they lock in the best price, have a better selection, and have peace of mind. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of booking hotels in advance.

Price comparison websites

Many people use comparison websites to find the best deals for hotels and travel services. You can use them to find the best prices on flights, hotels, and car hire. These sites can also help you find the cheapest car hire and travel insurance. You can even use comparison websites to find the best hotel deals and insurance options. You should know that there are numerous websites offering similar travel services. But, how can you know which one to choose?

Intimacy of bed and breakfast

The intimacy of a bed and breakfast when traveling can be a boon to a traveler’s sense of independence. For some, however, the lack of privacy is a downside. For instance, John Fitzgibbon, who preferred the anonymity of chain hotels, found the intimacy of a bed and breakfast to be too intrusive. To avoid this, he drove 20 miles to a higher-end chain hotel.