What is Law New?

law new

The term “law new” has become a catchall industry phrase used by legal tech companies, alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) and even law firms seeking to find new ways to deliver legal services. However, the term is not well understood and is often misapplied. It’s also not the same thing as legal innovation, which is about improving the value of legal services to clients.

A fundamental function of law is to protect socially normative expectations against disappointments. It does this mainly through sanctions. These have to be imposed consistently and fairly, which requires a clear and recognizable set of rules. Hence, law has always been linked to morals and ethics. It is a societal process of juridification, and although it has long ago emancipated itself from customs and traditions, it still requires social acceptance, approval and discernment.

Law is a living, growing and evolving system, which must be continuously updated and improved to ensure its functionality in changing environments. It is important that legal professionals have a strong understanding of the evolution of law and how it impacts society in order to serve their clients effectively.

To facilitate the dissemination of law-related knowledge and scholarship, MPIL publishes a variety of works including reprints of speeches and book excerpts by our faculty members and a collection of scholarly papers, which are available through print and online subscription. It also provides a range of law-related information in other media formats to meet the needs of the general public, students and practitioners.

From time to time, the law school prints papers by its faculty for print distribution to alumni and friends. These are not intended to be a complete listing of all publications by the law school.

Enacted laws appear in the Laws at Large, after NARA assigns public law (PL) numbers and after they are published by GPO as slip law texts. The Laws at Large contain both public laws and private laws enacted during the session of Congress.

Local Law 13 of 2022.

This law would require City agencies to provide employees and job applicants with notice of their eligibility for student loan forgiveness programs. DCWP will also prepare a list of federal and state programs that may be available for employers to inform their workers of.