What is Law New?

In the field of law, being new often means looking for ways to benefit clients in new and innovative ways. It’s also about bringing in more revenue for a company by exploring different areas of the practice that may not have been a primary focus in the past. It can also be a way to offer a specialized form of legal help as an adjunct to a firm’s main offering. Whatever it means to a company, all lawyers should make sure they are aware of the concept of “law new” and what it can mean for their own firms in terms of growth and opportunity.

This week’s laws new include a California law that will bring more transparency to job salary data and another effort to end what some call the “pink tax” on feminine hygiene products. It’s a small step, but one that supporters say will help fight gender discrimination in prices.

Lawmakers in both the House and Senate work to create new laws. Learn how a bill becomes a law in Congress:

In order to become a law, a proposed bill must first be introduced by a member of either the House or the Senate. It is then assigned to a committee, where it is researched and discussed, before being brought up for vote. If it passes, the bill goes to the other chamber for a similar process before it is a law.